What is K Tape?

KTape is an elasticized tape applied to the body for a variety of ailments including back pain, muscle tension, joint instabilities , patellofemoral disorders and shoulder impingements.

The benefits of K Taping include the following:

  • Improvement of muscle function; to either increase the ability of a muscle to contract or to help it to relax.
  • Reduce swelling around a sprained joint, haematoma or muscle tear. Also to improve lymphatic drainage following surgery,( for example following breast cancer surgery)
  • Pain reduction through stimulation of the mechanoreceptors in the skin thereby inhibiting the transmission of the pain signal to the brain.
  • Support joints through functional and mechanical corrective techniques as well as passive supports to shorten the healing process and protect the injured joint.

For more information on KTape visit their website at: kttape.com

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