Myofascial Manipulation

Myofascial manipulation is a deep tissue technique targeting the deep fascia which covers our muscles. Whereas muscles have a defined start and finish the fascia continues between muscles and around joints, ligaments and bones This unique anatomy makes the fascia key to the communication between limbs and adjacent muscles. When there is a disruption in the fascia in one part it not only affects the strength, coordination and function at the site of injury but in other parts of our bodies as well. Ever wonder why all your problems are on one side, part of the reason is that if the fascial movement is not fully restored at the site of injury, it starts to create symptoms above or below the original injury. For example what may have started as a shoulder injury is now affecting your neck and perhaps your mid back as well.

Treatment will begin with taking a detailed history of pre-existing conditions that may be affecting your current complaint. Your therapist will then be searching for densifications or tightened bands in the muscle and surrounding areas. Once located a deep localized pressure is applied to the relevant points. Most sessions involve treatment of 4 to 5 points. Most conditions require 4 to 5 sessions to resolve. 45 minute appointments are suggested for optimum results with this technique.


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