SCENAR - Self Controlled Neuro Energo Adaptive Regulation

SCENAR Therapy is an exciting new treatment option which has many effects. In the setting of the physiotherapy clinic it is used mainly for reducing pain. It is applied via the skin using a hand held machine which passes an electrical impulse to the patient. It has a similar sensation to TENS (a light tingling feeling) but is much more sophisticated. SCENAR operates through biofeedback, that is to say the machine takes a reading from the area of skin where the pain is focused, then modifies its signal in response, and in a way begins a conversation with your body. The result of this conversation sets your body’s healing mechanisms in motion to jumpstart the road to recovery.

SCENAR Therapy was developed in Russia in the 1970’s by physiologists and engineers who wanted a device for their astronauts and military that was economical and portable to be used to maintain and treat body functions.

SCENAR is in wide practice around the world, predominantly Russia, UK and Australia. As far as we know, Infinity is the first physiotherapy clinic to be trained in the use of SCENAR in Canada.

SCENAR is a very safe treatment choice. Its impulses match the neural impulses in your body making side effects nearly non-existent. You will likely see a reduction in pain, but on occasion its application may exacerbate your condition (this is rare).

SCENAR has proved beneficial in the treatment of the following:

  • recent injuries
  • chronic pain
  • sciatica
  • headaches
  • Post Operative Pain

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We are very excited about the results we are getting from SCENAR therapy and invite you to come and check it out.

Service provided by Jackie O’Reilly RITM SCENAR Level III Therapist.

Jackie has completed her Level III Certification which allows for effective treatment of more complicated case with chronic pain syndromes. Trained by Chris Mortensen, worldwide presenter and author of the RITM SCENAR training materials.

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